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Essential oils against herpes - Carriers of the herpes virus are a lot of people, but not all of them are aware of it, because the virus can be "sleeping" in the body, does not prove itself. The reason for the sudden appearance of herpes as a "cold" on the lips or in other cases is the weakening of immunity associated with other diseases. In the case of early detection and treatment of the effects of herpes in the form of sores on the lips and on the skin can be reduced or even prevented with the help of essential oils.

Herpes virus and its variants - This viral disease is manifested in the form of blisters. The human body is exposed to only 8 types of herpes found 80. But only 3 types of the virus are the most common, they are found in 95% of cases. The virus first kind is the "popular", it is the cause of bubbles filled with a clear liquid, located on the lips or around the nose. The second type affects the genital area, the bearer of it in 95% of cases are women. This kind of virus is one of the diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, although there are cases of domestic and its distribution. The third type of herpes can appear on the face and on the body; it is called "shingles."

Completely cure all these types of herpes cannot be, because it has the property of neurotropism - the ability of conservation in the nerve cells. In the acute stage, are used for the treatment of antiviral and immunomodulating agents, but conventional for the prevention and treatment of essential oils used.

You should not treat herpes using moxibustion alcohol or folk remedy such as a hot spoon; so you can get a skin burn, after which will scar.
Herpes treatment with essential oils - Among the most effective is essential oils of lavender, bergamot, tea tree and eucalyptus. Significantly increases the effect of their use in the case of early detection of lesions. If you start immediately lubricate the affected area on the lips or near the nose with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of oils with alcohol, it is likely that the virus will be able to locate the bubbles and stop their further spread and damage the skin.

Tea tree oil or lavender may be used in pure form, but the good agent - is an alcohol solution in which 5 ml of alcohol or vodka falls 6 drops of essential oils. If possible, use more oils, mixing them in equal proportions. When there are rashes on the genitals, make therapeutic bath with warm water, adding a mixture of 30 drops of essential oils: bergamot, tea tree, eucalyptus.

For the treatment of herpes virus of the second type, which manifests itself in the genital area, should also use essential oils, but in this case the content of bergamot oil should be increased in relation to the others. Bubbles can be lubricated with an alcohol solution in which 5 ml of alcohol is necessary 4 drops of bergamot oil and 2 drops of any other essential oils. For topical skin lesion washing Dilute this solution into 1 liter of warm water.


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